The Dogue de Bordeaux best known from the movie Turner and Hooch

A tribute to Beasley as Hooch

  Beasley the Dog was born in 1978, and was an acting animal and starred in the  
  Tom Hanks movie Turner & Hooch as the dog Hooch.  
  He was a large Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff),  
  and this was his first and only movie.  
  He played the house-wrecking police dog who drank beer.  
  Beasley was owned and trained by Clint Rowe who makes a brief appearance in  
  the film as an ASPCA officer.  
  Another dog named Vigor was used as Beasleys' stuntman, or should I say stuntdog?  
  In 1990, movie critic Gene Siskel joked that Beasley would probably  
  take the Oscar due to Hanks' "wooden" appearance in Turner & Hooch.  
  There were three Dogue De Bordeaux in this movie  
  (its unclear if all three dogs played hooch in different scenes).  
  Their names are Beasley, Barry, and Vigor.  
  Beasley is the one of the last survivors and lived with his owner/trainer Clint Rowe  
  in California but he died in 1992 att the age of 14 years.  
  Beasley's breeder was Peter F Curley from TNT Kennels.Wisconsin, United States.  
  Peter Curley was the first American to import this breed to USA and In 1981,  
  he dit buy his first Dogue de Bordeaux in France.  
  Peter Curley imported and sold the Dogues Barry, Beasley, Vigor, and Cristo to Disney.  
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